Things what Smart ppl do

Here are some Tips on how to recognise Smart TechSavvy people:
1. They use smart browsers like FireFox, Opera… Especially Firefox has lots of addons which actually provide you with lots of facilities and visual tools. This is ideal for WebDevelopers. You can have Adsense notifier at the status of FireFox. You can look at the CSS, Scripts, Layouts and also can edit them on the fly using mouse. Thus you can change the way the pages look. And then actively modify your own page. This is great for learners as they can explore. Every Advanced users like FireFox. Important to note is Smart users dont only depend on one browser. they sometimes use more than one Browser at a time 🙂   You can download firefox with google toolbar(which is again very handy tool) for free.

2. They have own website or profile or blogs and express their ideas to many. They use revenue earning schemes such as Adsense. See the top of this page to get link for Adsense. If you have lots of visitors, they might turn into ur pocket money makers to even prime income source. To become Adsense account holder you dont have to spend any money nor u must have any credit card.
3. If you have any website or product and you want to promote it to the most audience. Its better you advertise online obviously Adwords from Google is the best of choices. You can spend as low as $1-$2 for this.
4. If you are in the NothAmerica Google offers a brand new thing like the paypal which is fast safer and secure. Because its google’s! its called Google Checkout. So Check it Out today!
5. If you have your own domain and you provide your users email addresses you should opt for google apps. Nobody wont like very tiny inbox size and who’d wanna try for something else when they’ve experienced gmail? Well google apps provides you Gmail within your domain like the size of the inbox is 2GB to upto 10GB… and as you can see rediffmail offers unlimited space for their inbox.. just wait and see Google will take over. The other things Google Apps has are : Chat(Group chat in your domain), Google WebMaker(lets you design your page even a newbie can do it), Doc&Spreasheets and many more… standard edition is free, premiere is a bit expensive but  for who having .edu domain can have it FULLY FREE. This thing is something webmasters dreamed of but never thought would come true.
6. You can use the Google Pack softwares which are most essential for daily use for most of the users. These include : googletlak, googleEarth, Adobe Reader, google desktop, google picasa and many more

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