BD’s Submarine Cable & Sabotage

 In this month of November we are experiencing the worst of the disasters. The hurricane ‘Sidr’ did a huge damage to our nation. We had no control over it. Before this we had been under two massive floods in Bangladesh. But there were other great disasters caused by human beings. We lost our link to Submarine Cable Landing station several times before this hurricane and even afterwards it was cut again. Statistics show that, since beginning of this highspeed communication channel, it had been cut several times by the criminals in most of the incidents of dislinkage. This cable is of almost no re-sale value at all. Now, everyone is wondering whats the actual cause behind this.
Lets put thoughts and we will be able to identify the reason behind this henious act:

1. Neighboring India: As we are competetitor to India in some goods, products– subotaging our means of communication can cause us not only billions but also lose contracts and thus making their ways.
2. VoIP illegal business holders. As this govt has almost stopped all the illegally running VoIP businesses, they taking chance of running their own VSAT while the main line is down. Thus, making point that we cant run without VSAT and cant depend on Optical Fiber alone.
3. Islamic activists: Activists like JMB(Jamayatul Mujaheedin Bangladesh), has only concern of making damages to the nation. And those fundamentalist terrorists hate technology, science, knowledge etc.
4. Corrupted Politicians + Businessmen: Those who wants to cause damages as they are doing with price rises and ruining efforts of this government.
Well, whatever the cause might be, we shouldn’t let our most important means of communication be so vulnarable and prone to failure. We should create alternative backup links for any such disasters. We should hunt down those suboteurs, and punish them with their appointers in rapid succession. We shouldnt let them be successfull all those times. Destroying such state-property should be punishable by long term jail etc.

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