IMified TwitterBOT (Jabbar/Gtalk/Yahoo/MSN/AOL)


I wrote a Zodiac BOT for the IMified before, inspired by a wrapper class and usage example by Hasin Hayder. Now, putting a little more effort you can add your twitter in a BOT.

Why the heck someone would do that?
Well, as for me.. I use a very cheap phone Nokia 6020. With that I sometimes am online while away from the computer(hardly anytime :P). I felt that if I can tweet with the bot then I dont have to goto the page.

If you are a microblogger, this lets you microblog without any tech hassle 🙂
Microbloggers are great in number now. I figured out this BOT idea can save their time while enjoying their work or whatever.

Get this Twitter API wrapper class and IMified wrapper class to use my code.

< ?php
include "class.imified.php";
include 'twitter.php';

echo "Lenin's bot <a href=''>";

$im = new ImifiedHelper("IMified-API-key-HERE","YourIMified-ID","IMified-password");

function callback($message, $step, $network, $userKey)
global $im;
$tweet=new Twitter('YourTwitterID','YOURTwitterPassword');
echo "What you type here is directly updated on your twitter. Do not flood using this, otherwise everyone will ignore you.";


My friend Ferdous also has an example of a NEWS bot. In this example not much of the capability of the bot is shown to learn more about the IM bot read at IMified


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