My Immediate feelings after the ZCE exam

I cant help to share the feelings right away with you now. Just came back after we finished the exam.

Its great event of joy for me and my friend Abdullah. Because we sat together on the same day. And I think this is first ever in Bangladesh that two ZCE passed at the same day. To tell you the truth, I had an attempt on 19th February this year but that was kind of rushed sitting and thats why duely failed yet was very close to passing score 😦

But the question is why I decided to go for ZCE anyway? well first and foremost is the inspiration from Hasin Hayder, who is entitled among the BD PHP community as the pioneer and guru and the Geek on PHP. Though I started learning php on 2003, I was not very strong at it until last year. But Hasin bro kept inspiring that, you can become one and you should give it a good try. On that time we (Ferdous [9th ZCE] and me) were beginner level developer at the Saifur’s corporate and started a training on PHP. Most amazingly Hasin bro inspired us making the syllabus one of the best in Bangladesh. We included so many things in it. And we taught the students the best practices in development, design and DB etc. We introduced them with the common CMSs, Forums and even Frameworks. We introduced them PHP and jQuery frameworks too!

One of our students was Sadiqur Rahman(the wonder boy and 8th ZCE!), who enrolled there saying he wants to become a ZCE! 😀

So, it was our challenge from then on. Building our bases to achieve good better best practices in the PHP development industry. We inspired all students to become bloggers, tweeterers and getting fed from the best resources on the web on what they want to excell.

Even this morning at 5am when Hasin bro asked how is the preparation? I said not upto my intentions. He said some inspiring words that I calmed myself little bit. While taking the exam I was semi nervous. Kind of knew I’m winning it, but didn’t make the mistake what I did last time(I submittend the exam in 57 minutes and reviewed only 3 questions and came out 33minutes ago). Today I almost reviewed all 70 of them and started counting. Was little nervous… but when the count reached more than 61! I stopped 😀 and submitted it! et voila I got congratulations from

I kind of knew my friend Abdullah(he had an attempt last month and did score near to passing as well!) who started just 40 minutes after me was gonna pass as well, so it was a great feeling indeed.

Hope you guys didn’t mind this long writing. I just want to inspire new comers to PHP. We in Bangladesh should rise up and give it a good try. We need to outsource more of our intellect. We need to have our stand and we need to build a Very Best community. We need to do campaigns like WordCamp, ZendCon, PHPCon and inspire our fellow developers to become ninjas and beat the rest of the world.

I would like to share with you my old blog writing in Bangla you’d notice I wanted to see my name there very much(at least on 10th but oh well I made a milestone by sitting together two old friends together and won it) 😉  here’s the link:

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9 thoughts on “My Immediate feelings after the ZCE exam

  1. Congratulation Lenin vai for ZCE..
    and i would like to congratulate u again because u r the 1st and only ZCE from Dohar upazilla .

    take care

  2. Congratulation………..

    i m new in PHP. i did 2 project using it.want to sit in exam, can u give me detail about time, place and procedure of ZCE.

    • Thanks,
      For preparation you have to study these:
      1. PHP Manual
      2. ZCE Exam preparation guide
      Preparation Guideline:
      Specifically you’ll have to study and PRACTICE on the syllabus at giving emphasis on PHP Basics & Functions, Variable passing to functions pages, PCRE, OOP, Design Pattern and MVC, Web features, Security aspects, Database functions, prepared statements & PDO, SOAP and XML parsing methods, Streams and Network data, PHP4/5 Differences.
      There are lots of practice exams which are free on the web. also offers mock exams for practice. We three friends(All of them are ZCE now) purchased 10 exams as such for $22 and given exam on them.
      Procedures for appearing ZCE:
      1. Open an account at create your profile.
      2. Create an account at and create your profile matching the one at
      3. Purchase voucher at Zend Store. For first time appearing you’ll have to pay $125 for one voucher.
      4. After purchasing the voucher you can just schedule an exam on the pearsonVue website through your profile to any of the available Exam center. They take no fees in our experience. So, all the cost you’ll have to pay is the $125. You can purchase that with paypal or creditcard. Exam centers also help you to purchase voucher but they take a little higher fee.
      5. Make a contact with the test center to make sure your schedule is known to them and make sure they are ready to arrange the exam at the given time for you.
      6. Exam is online. You cant take any copy, book, pen, mobile, calculator etc at the exam session. You are monitored through web cam.
      7. You can review the answers previously marked as “marked for review”, but remember to uncheck them after reviewing as they are not evaluated as answers if you dont. My friend ferdous failed on first exam for this silly mistake.
      8. If you fail in the exam you’ll be notified immediately and a result sheet with graph will be printed by the center for you. But if you pass it will be a congratulations and you’ll get a printed copy where you can verify your result online.
      9. After you pass the exam, it will take 24hours to get your profile at the ZCE yellow pages to publish 🙂
      10. Good luck on your preparation and Exam, if you need any further help(purchasing voucher, mock exam, guide book etc you can contact me as a last resort)

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