Running Lubuntu live CD

I’m using Lubuntu 10.04 Live CD on my home desktop for a couple of weeks now. Have chosen Lubuntu just out of curiosity that its a lightweight version of Ubuntu. But I am using this Live CD for only lazyness’ sake!

The desktop was running with one Ubuntu installation I had on my last laptop which died 😦

Without installing it again I kept using that HDD on my desktop. But as I was carrying the HDD in my laptop’s bag for months the Ubuntu installation got bad sectors most probably. So it cant boot. And for being so busy I cant make time to fix the partition and revive those installations. Instead I am trying to adopt this minimalistic habit of using the least installed softwares and settings.

I use a Nokia 2730c for my home internet as I can use the internet on the go through the phone and I can get connected on my Macbook through its bluetooth internet. I hate wires!

So here’s what I use to get the PC running with my minimalistic settings.

1. Downloaded a copy of FireFox4.0 and downloaded some of the Add-ons like: Echofon, Firebug, Yslow etc.

2. Downloaded the ibus-m17n package with dependencies to another folder. Also some other softwares(minimal LAMP stack) like Skype with dependencies as I regularly need to contact with clients. And kept a file called: m17n there. Content of that file is:
export GTK_IM_MODULE=ibus
export XMODIFIERS=@im=ibus
export QT_IM_MODULE=ibus

4. Kept another file called modem with contents:

5. Another file is called bootstrap with content:
dpkg-reconfigure tzdata
cat m17n >> /home/ubuntu/.bashrc
cat modem >> /etc/wvdial.conf

So, whenever I turn on my laptop I am having to go through these steps:
go to that folder and hit F4 (opens that folder in terminal)
I copy the whole path like:
And apply the command:
sudo -i
then, dpkg -i *.deb
and then,
consecutively running the following two connects me to internet immediately:

This is kind of laziness but I am doing this on purpose on the philosophy that I am not heavily dependent upon too much customizations or softwares. And I wont like to regret much after crashing harddisks 🙂