Say Goodbye to PenDrive Viruses : Turn off Autorun and make your PC running smooth again :)

Now-a-days everyone has the necessity for a PenDrive or FlashDrive or lets just say Removable Storage Devices. And most of the Trojans or viruses gets spreaded from this means. You’ll see commecial shops are very much afraid of using pendrives. Most of them deny service if you want to use a pendrive with you.
Now let us learn some VITAL technics to get rid of this messy headache once and for all. This article is collection of boosted tips & tricks altogether from the net and own experiences. We will learn how to fight with the infections from pendrive viruses like : DiskKnight, Kopa, Brontok etc and also kill them. In most cases we even wont need any antiviruses.

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