I am Lenin.. oh yeah not from Russia 🙂
Not a partisan either…

Oh no! not true… I am partisan towards Ubuntu, Linux, Free Open Source, Free knowledge gathering bla bla bla…

I am a Zend Certified Engineer for PHP5 programming.

I work with various technologies of web development.

You can contact me by : doctortomorrow[@]gmail.com

My contact number is : +880 1912 024 699


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Seeking your input please and interest in adding some basic things to wp e-commerce.

    I have a site that sells virtual products, powered by wp-ecommerce. Need to add these …

    – View / hide order info (role based admin access)
    – Attach files to a virtual product before purchase
    – Attach files to an order after purchase
    – Add comments to orders while it is in process (admin & customer)

    Above is critical to my work flow. I am happy to pay (something reasonable) to accomplish this, unless of-course you have any alternate suggestions..

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